Andrew Square Civic Association

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"We care, about the Square"

As South Boston changes, we would like to welcome all our new residents. We look forward to working together to embrace coming changes, yet maintain the close-knit ties that make our community unique. Come join us in building a better neighborhood.

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Community Announcement !

Washington Village - 235 Old Colony Ave.

Boston Water & Sewer Commision

South Boston Tree Lighting


ASCA Meeting 11/22/2021 @ 6:30

Thank you to all the participants of the ASCA 11/22/2021 Community Meeting

Thank you John Gillespie of Dunkin Donuts, and Grand Ten Distillery for your generous support of this month's door prizes. We hope that as we attract more business to the neighborhood they may become benefactors as well.


TIS THE SEASON…watch for wreaths and lights around the square, thanks to:

Core/On-the-Dot – National Development – Samuels & Associates

May you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving !

Green Stratus Update

The Boston Cannabis Board will hold a hearing relative to the proposed Cannabis Establishment at 558-560 Dorchester Ave. (The Connection) on 12/8/21 @ 1:00

Please click the link below for more info

We are not opposed to the business we are opposed to the location of this business in Andrew Square due to the egregious conditions at this time

Until the spill over from 'Mass Cass' is cleaned up, we can not entertain a business like this in our neighborhood !!!

Please, 'Care About The Square' and voice your opposition to our elected officials

Kathleen Joyce, Cannabis Board
Mayor’s office: and
Councilor Flynn:
Councilor-at-large Flaherty:
Councilor Baker:
Councilor-at-large Mejia:
Councilor-at large Essabi-George/Mayoral Candidate Essabi-George:
Councilor-at large Wu/Mayoral Candidate Wu:
Senator Collins:
Representative Biele:

Andrew Square Beautification Update

Washington Village bushes have found a new home in Dunkies planters – and the boxwoods that now frame the SBNDC parking lot on Preble Street !

As you know Washington Village has started therefore the landscaping on the corner of Dorchester Street and Old Colony Ave., that we’ve enjoyed for the last several years, had to be removed to make ready for construction.

While Linda Zablocki tried valiantly and exhausted all avenues to save the Blue Spruce Trees, she was unable to do so – but we are thrilled that she was able to arrange for the relocation of all the bushes. HUGE thanks to David Pogorelc from Core Investments & Samuels & Associates

Kudos to J&J Services, for your hard work to make this happen.

We’d also like to acknowledge recent donations to our Beautification & Holiday décor initiatives:

Benefactors :

Andrew Square Developers:
Malcom Barber and Niall Dowdall

ASCA Members:
Chelsea and Kris Laliberte, Ryan Long, Dana McLaughlin and Matt Abraham, Mary O’Neill, Kathleen O’Toole and the South Boston Chippewas Club,Nancy Coyle, William Davis, B/Spoke Studios, Michaela Rudis

Some good news from our Beautification Chair, Mary Moore: Parks & Recreation will be donating 200 daffodil bulbs for Andrew Square planters! Mary, Greg, Finnbar and Declan will be looking for some folks to join them for some gardening to get them in the ground, so watch for notice and details.

Development News

Washington Village

For updates and pertinent info, please visit...

On The Dot

On The Dot and 505 Dorchester Avenue Development will be located at 475-511 Dorchester Avenue.

BPDA Aricle 80 - IAG & Public Review Meeting 9/22/2021 - Click link to view a recording of meeting.

323-365 Dorchester Avenue

The redevelopment 5 acres of land into a mixed-use development that will include 4 buildings

11/30/2021 BPDA IAG & Public Meeting
11/19/2021 The Boston Civic Design Comm. grants approval

Mary Ellen McCormack Dev.

12/9/2021 BPDA Open Public Meeting
10/29/2021 - BPDA comments open. Click link below
10/29/2021 - BPDA Project Notification Form filed.
6/14/21 - BPDA Letter of Intent filed.

'Iron Works' formerly Cole Hersee

10 - 80 Old Colony Ave.

National Development references the areas historical significance at their two block redevelopment in Andrew Square

The projects moniker 'Iron Works' harkens back to the neighborhood’s rich history, and impact in the Civil War

Boston Water & Sewer Comm. News

If you would like more information about BWSC and its programs, please visit For information specific to the South Boston Sewer Separation Project, please visit

44 Ellery Street

The BPDA will host a Virtual Public Meeting - October 13, 2021 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

33-39 Ward Street

The BPDA is hosting a public meeting 10/26/21 for a Notice of Project Change (NPC) for the 33-39 Ward Street project

212 Old Colony Ave Dev. Proposal

The BPDA is hosting a public meeting, 10/19/21 @ 6:00-7:30 to discuss the Small Project Review Application

So. Boston Dot. Ave Transp. Plan

Our next step in the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue planning initiative is here. Our Transportation Plan is ready for recommendation to the BPDA board for adoption.

353-361 Dorchester Street

Development Proposal

Newmarket Interactive Workshops

Help us design the future of Newmarket. The PLAN: Newmarket Design Lab will be an interactive, collaborative workshop focused on creative problem-solving and human-centered design methodology. Your ideas will help shape land use recommendations, the future of employment, and jobs

Click link below to register.

267 Old Colony Ave (Trimount Place)

8/15/2019 - BPDA Board Approved.
3/20/2019 BPDA Project Notification Form filed.
1/4/2019 BPDA Letter of Intent filed.

Political Corner

Update from Mayor Wu

December update from City Councilor Ed Flynn:

City Councilor Michael Flaherty

Update from State Senator Nick Collins

Mass. State Representative David Biele

So. Boston Comm. Liaison Haley Dillon

Local Businesses

Cannonball Cafe Grand Opening 12/1/2021 !!!

Cannonball Cafe; the latest addition to the Andrew Square scene. Stop in and try the coffee and delicacies.

Tatte Bakery & Cafe News !

"It’s been a long journey to get to this day! Opened October 20th, 2021! We are thrilled to be a part of the neighborhood and open our cafe in the middle of our bakery space. Come meet our team, enjoy our pastry and food, and sip a latte watching our talented bakers at work."

Grand Ten Distilling

383 Dorchester Avenue, So. Boston, MA 02127

Castle Island Brewing Taproom

10 Old Colony Ave. So. Boston, Ma.

Click on a Calendar Event for Info

Online registration coming soon !

If you would like to become a member now, or renew an existing membership:

Click the link below to download the ASCA Membership application

Please fill out completely, and return to Pattie McCormick at Make check payable to: Andrew Square Civic Association

P.O. Box 455
South Boston, MA 02127

Alternatively; applications and payments will be accepted at all scheduled ASCA meetings

Neighborhood Watch & Public Safety

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Mass. and Cass Crisis Continues

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins proposes to convert empty detention center into temp housing

"Residents of Liberty Place are desperately seeking a fence."

Now you see it...

Now you don't !

About Us

The ASCA has been serving the Andrew Square neighborhood for decades. This association recognizes and affirms the diversity of our neighborhood as the foundation of a healthy, vital, and dynamic community. The mission of the Andrew Square Civic Association is to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood, and serve as a forum for volunteerism, discourse, and cooperation. We work closely with residents, local businesses, and government officials to address our common issues.

ASCA Mission Statement On Development

ASCA’s goal is to address the current quality-of-life and climate change issues in our core residential neighborhood by supporting responsible development. The once industrial area of Dorchester Ave. will bring large scale mixed-use development, and this makes it vitally important that we adhere to zoning regulations in our residential area as they greatly impact our community. We are also conscious of the need to design and develop projects in ways that mitigate the impact of climate change and adapt to future environmental conditions.


*Maintain the modal setback, and if it has been recently changed, we must provide sidewalks large enough for multiple people to pass, baby carriages/wheelchairs to access. Wider sidewalks also allow for all the barrels on trash day AND space to bank snow in the winter. This also provides room to follow Parks & Rec guidelines in hopes of planting more trees. Second-floor overhangs, and bay windows, have been given much liberty over the past several years and should also adhere to modal set-back as they interfere with pedestrians walking experience during inclement weather. For example, if the modal setback is five feet, a project’s second-floor overhang should adhere to the five-foot setback, not the building envelope. And while our older attached buildings do not conform to required side/yard set-backs, we should not continue to follow this pattern set 75 to 100 years ago when they were built. New construction should adhere to setback guidelines for front, rear and side yards.

*Provide adequate parking for a neighborhood that has seen a breaking point when it comes to insufficient parking. Strictly enforce the current ratio of 1 parking space per 1 bedroom unit, and more parking spaces if there are multiple bedrooms. We are open to considering alternative parking options, such as parking lifts, for projects to achieve the desired parking ratios.

*Maintain some historical character and stability in the neighborhood by supporting BPDA/ZBA protocol on height and FAR (floor area requirements). These codes were recently update, with MUCH input from the community, and they should be respected.

*Regarding open space and trash, it is imperative that projects provide open space as defined by zoning requirements. Personal space (decks/balconies) should not be included in open space calculations. Andrew Square is in a flood zone. We need open/green areas to address: climate change, resiliency and flooding that is already occurring in our neighborhood. Open space is also important to curb dogs, for trash/recycling bins (unless there is plenty of room for these inside a garage). Trash has become a problem in the neighborhood as residents do not have enough receptacles. This has created an on-going problems with rodents.

*In general, we do not support large roof decks/decks and prefer smaller balconies preferably inserted in building. However we review outdoor space on a case-by-case basis and our support depends upon the circumstances of a proposed project with location and impact on abutting neighbors.

*With the goal in mind of preparing our community for all aspects of climate change, projects should include features that increase our neighborhood’s resiliency to rising sea levels and flooding (as mentioned in reference to open space), lessen the urban heat island effect, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through safe walking, biking and public transportation options.

Andrew Square has done more than its fair share of increasing the housing stock in Boston. ASCA has worked hard with city agencies over the years to identify areas of significant growth on Dorchester Ave, Old Colony Ave., Anne Lynch homes at Old Colony, and more recently Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development. It is imperative that we protect our residential neighborhood.

We look forward to working with all parties, in particular the ZBA/BPDA, to assist us in our efforts to be intentional and support responsible, sustainable development – the type of development that will promote an equitable and healthy neighborhood.

Information from 2020 Boston Census:

Population Growth:
South Boston had 35,660 residents in 2015, 5% of Boston’s population
South Boston grew by 25% from 2000 to 2015, faster than the city’s growth of 10% over the same period.
70% of South Boston households in 2015 had a least one vehicle, compared to 65% of all Boston households.
The ratio of vehicles to households in South Boston was 1.02 in 2015, higher than Boston’s ratio of 0.91
Pets per household:
While we cannot confirm number of pets per household via 2020 census, suffice it to say there are many households with dog(s).

Data collected from ASCA survey on parking/transportation (December 2020): 65 people responded

6 do not have cars – 27 have one car and no parking – 16 have one car and off street parking – 7 have 2 cars no parking - 4 have 2 cars with 1 parking spot – 3 have 2 cars with off street parking for both vehicles – 2 have 3 vehicles with one parking spot
1 bikes to work - 13 take the MBTA to work – 3 retired
6 residents mentioned prior to covid they took the MBTA, but will no longer do so. – 4 residents commented they will no longer use Andrew Station due to safety issues.

September 2021

Community Anouncement

Proposal For a Retail Recreational Cannabis Dispensary at 558-560 Dorchester Ave. - (The Connection)

***Please Read and Sign The Pettition in Opposition***

Simply Click The Black Button at The Bottom of Page

ASCA Viewpoint

We are not opposed to the business, we are opposed to the location of this business in Andrew Square due to the egregious conditions at this time

Andrew Square is located at the crossroads of “Methadone Mile”, and well known for the numerous methadone clinics, recovery and rehabilitation programs, and homeless centers in the vicinity, as well as the resulting problems residents of the area encounter on a daily basis. It is a site of frequent overdoses, and our neighborhood has seen an increase in crime, including residential break-ins, motor vehicle break-ins, robberies, assault and property damage as a result.

Our local businesses have also been negatively impacted as well. Addiction is an overwhelming problem in our neighborhood, and in an effort to combat the issue, we have many social service agencies doing their utmost to assist those afflicted with this disease.

As ASCA does recognize and respect that the proponents have every right to garner support for this business endeavor, we feel very strongly that there are more suitable locations.

In response to similar requests, we suggest a more densely populated business district as an alternative, where customers may obtain services, and safely return to their residence or business. Sadly, residents of our many small streets and private ways have been targeted by those who sell or purchase prescribed medications illegally. We firmly believe that these businesses should be located away from residential communities, as well as recovery and rehabilitation

We do not oppose cannabis (marijuana) dispensaries or the services they provide. However, we feel strongly that a business of this nature would not add value nor improve the area but would only add to the myriad of problems and would likely have a negative impact on those who are trying to overcome addiction.

Until the spill over from 'Mass Cass' is cleaned up, we can not entertain a business like this in our neighborhood !!!