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We would like to invite all residents who live within the Andrew Square Civic Association boundaries to become members.

To all existing members; we look forward to another year of community engagement with your devotement and support. Thank You!

Andrew Square Civic Association

"We care, about the Square"

As South Boston changes, we would like to welcome all our new residents. We look forward to working together to embrace coming changes, yet maintain the close-knit ties that make our community unique. Come join us in building a better neighborhood.

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Wed, June 1

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Seeking Volunteers

Show your community pride and develop new and lasting friendships. We are currently seeking volunteers to participate in a fun and rewarding community cleanup event.This is a great opportunity for residents, students and businesses to get involved in their community and help maintain a clean neighborhood we all can be proud of!

City Of Boston Neighborhood Business Walks - 'Iron Works'

The City Of Boston Department Of Economic Opportunity And Inclusion held a 'Walk Tour' in South Boston on May 4, 2023 at National Development's 'Iron Works' Business District.
These walks are an opportunity to connect with business owners and residents, and to spotlight Boston's neighborhoods.
The agenda included: PKL Boston 64 C St, So. Boston, MA - B/SPOKE 54 Old Colony Ave So. Boston, MA - Mei Mei Dumplings 58 Old Colony Ave, So. Boston, MA - Shy Bird 12 Old Colony Ave, So. Boston, MA - Castle Island Brewing Co. 10 Old Colony Ave, So. Boston, MA

ASCA President Linda Zablocki welcomed the City's Contingeny, along with Elected Officials. She cited the great work being done on Old Colony Ave. offering words of encouragement that the City and local businesses continue to develop and build on their business relations.

'Love Your Block' - Andrew Square

Andrew Square residents and businesses joined together on Saturday April 29th to participate in Love Your Block, an annual neighborhood clean-up sponsored by the City of Boston.Volunteers cleaned out planters in Andrew Square, swept streets and cleaned up litter near the MBTA station and in the surrounding neighborhood.Rock painting was a new feature this year for Andrew Square’s Love Your Block, and it was a big draw for the neighborhood kiddos – and grown-ups, too! As the weather gets warmer, the rocks will look cheerful as they are placed in the planters around the Square.A big thank you to workers from Core Development/Core Cares (organized by Liz Paige/Mike Cahill) and Abacus Builders (organized by Mark Little) for helping with the clean-up effort. We couldn’t do it without you.We are so grateful that John Gillespie from Dunkin once again donated coffee and donuts, which the volunteers certainly appreciated on a chilly morning. Thank you for supporting us.A special shout-out goes to Lydia Polaski for organizing the rock painting table. The creativity is inspiring and uplifting!

'Love Your Block' Superstars

Thank You All

ASCA September Meeting Zoom Link:

DOT AVE DEVELOPMENT: Register at BPDA to receive meeting notices and updates

RODENT CONTROL: Environmental Services held a great workshop. Link here

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Current Time in South Boston
Wed, June 1

ASCA Development News

Development Committee Web Portal

Developers: Please use this online portal to submit your Andrew Square Development Proposal. (Portal link below)

Before you may submit your completed RFI, you must read and acknowledge the ASCA Mission Statement on Development.

Proposed plans should adhere to ASCA Mission Statement on Development – which was tailored to address quality of life issues, address City of Boston’s housing/climate concerns, while protecting our core neighborhood from becoming a transient neighborhood.

164 Old Colony Ave. - Existing & New Rendering


Proposed 5-story, 4-unit residential building with garage.

34 Vinton St. - Existing & New Rendering


COB Community Process - Presented at ASCA Community Meeting on 6/26/2023

Zoning Board Of Appeal Hearing Date - 7/11/2023

212 Old Colony Ave. - Existing & New Rendering

Zoning Board Of Appeal Hearing Date- 7/11/2023

617 Dot. Ave. - Existing parcels - open lots

617 Dorchester Avenue f/k/a 20 Boston Street

==BPDA Virtual Community Meeting Wednesday, September 12, 2023. ==

54-60 Rogers Street Development Proposal

Erect three story 4 unit residential dwelling townhouse design multi level on 3 146sf as per plans Existing structure to be razed under separate permit lot applied demolition application

Zoning Board of Appeal

ZBA Hearing - BOA1381733 - Motion Approved on 4/14/2023

Mary Ellen McCormack Development Proposal

48 Ellery Street Development Proposal

Combine two lots - Raze existing building - erect a new 14 unit, 6-story multifamily building with residential lobby, 7 parking spaces.

ZBA Hearing Date - To Be Determined

Additional Proposals & Development News

Elected Officials

Update from State Senator Nick Collins

Mass. State Representative David Biele

Mass. State Representative John Francis Moran

Update from Mayor Michelle Wu

City Council President Ed Flynn

City Councilor Michael Flaherty

City Councilor, At-Large Erin Murphy

City Councilor Frank Baker

City Councilor, At-Large Ruthzee Louijeune

City Councilor, At-Large Julia Mejia

Mayor's 'ONS' - So. Boston Liaison - Lydia Hamilton Polaski

Local Businesses

The Dirty Italian

The Dirty Italian featuring gourmet foods, gift baskets, imported groceries, plus sandwiches and salads is expected to be open by the end of June and will be located at 144 Old Colony Ave.

16 Preble Street – Andrew Square

Coffee, smoothies, breakfast, lunch, baked goods – and more! Owner, Julia,
invites you to stop by and try some delicious food. Hours: Monday through
Friday: 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and weekends: 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

In The News!

'Small Victories' - from the team team behind East Boston's 'The Quiet Few'

It always feels good to celebrate a win. And call this a big one: Small Victories — a new bar and restaurant from the team behind beloved East Boston whiskey bar, the Quiet Few — is slated to open late this year in South Boston.“Small Victories will be very much aligned with the Quiet Few, only if TQF had a couple Monster Energy drinks,” owner Josh Weinstein tells Eater.

Cannonball Cafe

Cannonball Cafe; the latest addition to the Andrew Square scene. Stop in and try the coffee and delicacies.

Mei Mei

Tatte Bakery & Cafe News !

"We are thrilled to be a part of the neighborhood and open our cafe in the middle of our bakery space. Come meet our team, enjoy our pastry and food, and sip a latte watching our talented bakers at work."

Meet the bar manager getting creative at GrandTen

"I love people that tell me they hate gin because by the time they're leaving, they're drinking bee's knees and buying bottles of our gin." Story & website link below

Fresh Boston

Located at 232 Old Colony Ave

Pickleball South Boston

Located at 'Iron Works' - 20 Old Colony Ave.

"An enormous South Boston venue pairs pickleball with enviable bar snacks."

"At PKL, Boston’s newest (and only) giant pickleball venue, newbies and veterans of the badminton-like sport can have a great time running around and hitting balls, or lounging with a cocktail, or relaxing over slower-paced games of shuffleboard and cornhole — or a combination of all of these. It’s an added bonus, then, that a talented Boston chef is overseeing the food menu and showcasing the best of local sourcing, elevating bar snacks to a new level."

Castle Island Brewing Taproom

10 Old Colony Ave. So. Boston, Ma.

Telegraph Hill Kitchen & Bar

Located at 289 Dorchester St. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Click on a Calendar Event for Info

Membership Registration & Donations

As South Boston changes, we would like to invite all residents who live within the Andrew Square Civic Association boundaries to become members.We look forward to working together to embrace coming changes, yet maintain the close-knit ties that make our community unique. Come join us in building a better neighborhood.By joining, you become eligible to vote on all official ASCA topics.Membership must be renewed each year if you would like to remain a full ASCA member. New members can join at any point of the year, but memberships expire on August 31st each year.Annual dues are: $10 for an individual membership, $15 for a family membership, and $50 for businesses.Online payment includes $1 to cover online processing fees.Rather pay via check to avoid the online processing fees?Click the link below to download the ASCA Membership application.Please fill out completely and mail with payment to:

P.O. Box 455
South Boston, MA 02127

Alternatively; applications and payments will be accepted at all scheduled ASCA meetings.

Let's all "Care About The Square" Thank You

Neighborhood & Public Safety

Links below for: community feedback & continued email updates.

Recording is on YouTube - South Boston Beat - 'Summer Street Pilot Program'

Reminder - Street Sweeping Season

The Daytime Street Cleaning Program runs from April 1 to November 30 in most Boston neighborhoods. Check the posted street sweeping signs on your street for the schedule and parking restrictions.

For further information regarding particular street dates and times please click the link below.

Boston Fire Prevention Education

Boston Police Safe Exchange Zones

BPD Issues Guidance for Reporting Loud Parties

Residents are encouraged to contact the Boston Police Department to report loud parties in the community. In addition to the disruption that loud parties create, reporting these gatherings help prevent late-night disorderly behavior and reduce the incidents of possibly further criminal conduct.

Residents may report a disturbance to 911.
Community members wishing to report anonymously can do so by calling the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS or by texting the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463). The Boston Police Department will stringently guard and protect the identities of all those who wish to help this investigation in an anonymous manner.
Residents may also report any disturbance to their neighborhood district station.

Click the link below for more info.

Dot Ave. bridge will stay closed through next fall.

A bridge that carries Dorchester Ave. over MBTA tracks into South Boston and Dorchester will remain closed through next fall.

A key Dot Ave bridge that links Dorchester and South Boston that closed last June will remain shut down through next fall as work continues to replace the aging MBTA-owned span that carries people and cars over Red Line and commuter rail tracks below it.
The $34.5 million project involves a full replacement of the bridge and the Red Line tunnel roof and the rehabilitation of a retaining wall on adjacent Von Hillern Street.
The bridge was supposed to re-open to cars, bikes and people on Nov. 7, but the MBTA announced on Oct. 28 that the closure will stay in place through fall 2023 “at the request of the City of Boston.”
A statement by the T said that “this extension allows for acceleration of work by the Boston Water & Sewer Commission.”
This delay comes after the T had already extended the closure from August into this month after workers found “obstructions” that delayed the job, according to an MBTA spokesman.
The existing bridge is slated to be demolished and replaced with new steel girders and concrete bridge deck, T planners say.


South Boston Public Safety Community Meeting - June 13

Sponsored By:

Council President Ed Flynn, Councilor Michael Flaherty, Councilor Frank Baker, Councilor Erin Murphy, Congressman Stephen Lynch, State Senator Nick Collins, State Representative David Biele

About Us

The ASCA has been serving the Andrew Square neighborhood for decades. This association recognizes and affirms the diversity of our neighborhood as the foundation of a healthy, vital, and dynamic community. The mission of the Andrew Square Civic Association is to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood, and serve as a forum for volunteerism, discourse, and cooperation. We work closely with residents, local businesses, and government officials to address our common issues.

ASCA Mission Statement On Development

ASCA’s goal is to address the current quality-of-life and climate change issues in our core residential neighborhood by supporting responsible development. The once industrial area of Dorchester Ave. will bring large scale mixed-use development, and this makes it vitally important that we adhere to zoning regulations in our residential area as they greatly impact our community. We are also conscious of the need to design and develop projects in ways that mitigate the impact of climate change and adapt to future environmental conditions.


*Maintain the modal setback, and if it has been recently changed, we must provide sidewalks large enough for multiple people to pass, baby carriages/wheelchairs to access. Wider sidewalks also allow for all the barrels on trash day AND space to bank snow in the winter. This also provides room to follow Parks & Rec guidelines in hopes of planting more trees. Second-floor overhangs, and bay windows, have been given much liberty over the past several years and should also adhere to modal set-back as they interfere with pedestrians walking experience during inclement weather. For example, if the modal setback is five feet, a project’s second-floor overhang should adhere to the five-foot setback, not the building envelope. And while our older attached buildings do not conform to required side/yard set-backs, we should not continue to follow this pattern set 75 to 100 years ago when they were built. New construction should adhere to setback guidelines for front, rear and side yards.*Provide adequate parking for a neighborhood that has seen a breaking point when it comes to insufficient parking. Strictly enforce the current ratio of 1 parking space per 1 bedroom unit, and more parking spaces if there are multiple bedrooms. We are open to considering alternative parking options, such as parking lifts, for projects to achieve the desired parking ratios.*Maintain some historical character and stability in the neighborhood by supporting BPDA/ZBA protocol on height and FAR (floor area requirements). These codes were recently update, with MUCH input from the community, and they should be respected.*Regarding open space and trash, it is imperative that projects provide open space as defined by zoning requirements. Personal space (decks/balconies) should not be included in open space calculations. Andrew Square is in a flood zone. We need open/green areas to address: climate change, resiliency and flooding that is already occurring in our neighborhood. Open space is also important to curb dogs, for trash/recycling bins (unless there is plenty of room for these inside a garage). Trash has become a problem in the neighborhood as residents do not have enough receptacles. This has created an on-going problems with rodents.*In general, we do not support large roof decks/decks and prefer smaller balconies preferably inserted in building. However we review outdoor space on a case-by-case basis and our support depends upon the circumstances of a proposed project with location and impact on abutting neighbors.*With the goal in mind of preparing our community for all aspects of climate change, projects should include features that increase our neighborhood’s resiliency to rising sea levels and flooding (as mentioned in reference to open space), lessen the urban heat island effect, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through safe walking, biking and public transportation options.

Andrew Square has done more than its fair share of increasing the housing stock in Boston. ASCA has worked hard with city agencies over the years to identify areas of significant growth on Dorchester Ave, Old Colony Ave., Anne Lynch homes at Old Colony, and more recently Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development. It is imperative that we protect our residential neighborhood.We look forward to working with all parties, in particular the ZBA/BPDA, to assist us in our efforts to be intentional and support responsible, sustainable development – the type of development that will promote an equitable and healthy neighborhood.

Information from 2020 Boston Census:

Population Growth:
South Boston had 35,660 residents in 2015, 5% of Boston’s population
South Boston grew by 25% from 2000 to 2015, faster than the city’s growth of 10% over the same period.
70% of South Boston households in 2015 had a least one vehicle, compared to 65% of all Boston households.
The ratio of vehicles to households in South Boston was 1.02 in 2015, higher than Boston’s ratio of 0.91
Pets per household:
While we cannot confirm number of pets per household via 2020 census, suffice it to say there are many households with dog(s).

Data collected from ASCA survey on parking/transportation (December 2020): 65 people responded

6 do not have cars – 27 have one car and no parking – 16 have one car and off street parking – 7 have 2 cars no parking - 4 have 2 cars with 1 parking spot – 3 have 2 cars with off street parking for both vehicles – 2 have 3 vehicles with one parking spot
1 bikes to work - 13 take the MBTA to work – 3 retired
6 residents mentioned prior to covid they took the MBTA, but will no longer do so. – 4 residents commented they will no longer use Andrew Station due to safety issues.

September 2021

Community Anouncement

*** Proposal For a Retail Recreational Cannabis Dispensary at 558-560 Dorchester Ave. - (The Connection)***

Please Read and Sign The Pettition in Opposition

Simply Click The Black Button at The Bottom of Page

ASCA Viewpoint

We are not opposed to the business, we are opposed to the location of this business in Andrew Square due to the egregious conditions at this timeAndrew Square is located at the crossroads of “Methadone Mile”, and well known for the numerous methadone clinics, recovery and rehabilitation programs, and homeless centers in the vicinity, as well as the resulting problems residents of the area encounter on a daily basis. It is a site of frequent overdoses, and our neighborhood has seen an increase in crime, including residential break-ins, motor vehicle break-ins, robberies, assault and property damage as a result.Our local businesses have also been negatively impacted as well. Addiction is an overwhelming problem in our neighborhood, and in an effort to combat the issue, we have many social service agencies doing their utmost to assist those afflicted with this disease.As ASCA does recognize and respect that the proponents have every right to garner support for this business endeavor, we feel very strongly that there are more suitable locations.In response to similar requests, we suggest a more densely populated business district as an alternative, where customers may obtain services, and safely return to their residence or business. Sadly, residents of our many small streets and private ways have been targeted by those who sell or purchase prescribed medications illegally. We firmly believe that these businesses should be located away from residential communities, as well as recovery and rehabilitation*** We do not oppose cannabis (marijuana) dispensaries or the services they provide. However, we feel strongly that a business of this nature would not add value nor improve the area but would only add to the myriad of problems and would likely have a negative impact on those who are trying to overcome addiction.***Until the spill over from 'Mass Cass' is cleaned up, we can not entertain a business like this in our neighborhood !!!

Petitions & Surveys

The Sister Mary Veronica Park has been put up for sale by the Archdiocese of Boston, and we are looking for help to save the park for the community!

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority - 'MBTA'

To report crime on the T (MBTA), download and use the app “MBTA SEESAY"

Please consider taking MBTA customer survey as the MBTA wants riders feedback.

MBTA Customer Support & Transit Police Links

Information & Support - Main: 617-222-3200

Transit Police: 617-222-1212

August Service Changes Will Allow Crews to Continue Improvement Work Across MBTA System

BOSTON – The MBTA today announced service changes in August on the Red, Green, Orange, Silver, Kingston, Middleborough, Greenbush, and Lowell lines. The MBTA will continue working to improve service reliability across the system.

Red Line service changes will allow MBTA crews to perform critical rail and tie replacement work that will alleviate speed restrictions:Accessible shuttle bus service will replace evening weekday trains between North Quincy and JFK/UMass Stations beginning at approximately 8:45 PM through the end of service Tuesdays through Thursdays on the following dates:August 1-3,
August 8-10.
Accessible shuttle bus service will replace evening weekday trains between Quincy Center and Braintree Stations beginning at approximately 8:45 PM through the end of service Tuesdays through Thursdays on the following dates:August 15-17,
August 22-24,
August 29-31.
Accessible shuttle bus service will replace trains between JFK/UMass and Braintree Stations beginning at approximately 8:45 PM on Friday and through the weekend to the end of service on Sunday on the following dates:Friday, August 4, through Sunday, August 6,
Friday, August 11, through Sunday, August 13,
Friday, August 18, through Sunday, August 20,
Friday, August 25, through Sunday, August 27.
The Kingston, Middleborough, and Greenbush Commuter Rail lines, which run adjacent to the Red Line, will also experience service changes. Accessible shuttle bus service will replace trains between South Station and Braintree:On evenings Tuesdays through Fridays after 7:30 PM through the end of service on:o August 1-4,o August 8-11,o August 15-18,o August 22-25.On evenings Tuesday through Thursday after 7:30 PM through the end of service on:o August 29-31.And during the weekends of:o August 5-6,o August 12-13,o August 19-20,o August 26-27.Accessible express shuttle bus service will also operate directly between South Station and Braintree Station.
Passengers should note that bicycles are not allowed on shuttle buses, and regular Commuter Rail fares will be collected between Kingston, Middleborough, Greenbush, and Braintree Stations. Keolis Customer Service Agents, MBTA staff, and Transit Ambassadors will be on-site at impacted stations to support riders.
The diversion schedule will be available online soon at
As previously announced, due to the continued demolition of the Government Center Garage by private developer HYM Construction, Orange and Green Line service changes will take place in the downtown Boston area all day for 12 days from July 29- August 9:Orange Line trains will bypass Haymarket Station. Orange Line riders should instead exit at North Station or State, less than a half-mile from Haymarket (or a four- to eight-minute walk), and travel to the Haymarket area.
Green Line service will be suspended between North Station and Government Center Station, with riders instead asked to walk above ground between these stations – Government Center, Haymarket, and North Station are each less than a half mile from each other (about a five- to 10-minute walk). The distance between Government Center to North Station is about three-quarters of a mile (about a 13-minute walk).
Riders are also reminded that Orange Line / Green Line connections can also be made via the Winter Street Concourse, which connects Park Street and Downtown Crossing Stations.
Accessibility vans will also be available for on-demand transportation – Orange and Green Line riders should ask MBTA personnel for information and assistance.Silver Line Routes 1, 2, and 3 will be re-routed to the street level between Silver Line Way and South Station beginning at approximately 8:45 PM on August 11 through the weekend until approximately 9 PM on August 13. This service change will allow for continued safety, waterproofing, and station resiliency improvement work at Courthouse Station.Lowell Line trains will be replaced with accessible shuttle bus service between Lowell and Wilmington Stations during the weekend of August 5-6. This service change allows crews to perform vegetation clearing work along the line.Riders can find more information on service changes through in-station signage, in-station public announcements, and at Transit Ambassadors and MBTA staff will be available on-site during these service changes to offer information and assistance. Riders are encouraged to subscribe to T-Alerts or to follow the MBTA on Twitter @MBTA for up-to-date service information.The MBTA previously announced service changes in July on the Green, Orange, and Worcester lines. More information is available here.The MBTA apologizes for the inconvenience of these scheduled service changes and appreciates the understanding and patience of riders as this critical and necessary work to maintain, upgrade, and modernize the system takes place.

MBTA Andrew Station - Concerns & Cleanup

Two days after tour/meeting with Representative Biele, ASCA, Captain Boyle, and MBTA leadership – cleanup begins at Andrew Station. ASCA response: “There is a lot more to do, but this is a good start.” (For further reading click link below)

BOSTON — Governor Maura T. Healey, Lieutenant Governor Kimberley Driscoll and Transportation Secretary Gina Fiandaca today announced that, after a comprehensive search, they will be appointing Phillip Eng as the next General Manager of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Eng is an engineer with nearly 40 years of experience in transportation, including as President of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Long Island Rail Road and Interim President of New York City Transit.Governor Healey, Lieutenant Governor Driscoll, Secretary Fiandaca and Phil Eng will hold a media availability today, Monday, March 27th outside of Riverside Station at 367 Grove Street in Newton (Green Line – D Branch). Eng and Secretary Fiandaca will then take the Green Line to Park Street Station to greet riders and walk over to the MBTA Operations Control Center at 45 High Street to meet with workers and review operations at the facility.

ASCA Raises Concerns at Andrew Station - Please see the MBTA Response in red

To: MBTA Leadership
Steve Poftak, MBTA General Manager
Chief Kenneth Green, MBTA Transit Police
Victoria Ireton, MBTA Public Engagement
Terrie Chan, MBTA Public Engagement

FROM: Andrew Square Civic Association
RE: Andrew Station T Public Transportation Safety and Law Enforcement
DATE: May 5th, 2022

On behalf of the Andrew Square Civic Association, we want to first highlight our gratitude to the MBTA for such an accessible public transportation system here in Andrew Square. Thank you for all the hard work behind the scenes to offer folks great options to travel around Boston with ease. For all the things that go right every day on the T, we are thankful.

With that said, we would like to raise some pressing concerns and ask for your support in providing definitive feedback, plans for resolution, and a commitment to accountability for a more secure public transportation experience at the Andrew Station T and throughout Boston.

As you know, crime has become a rampant problem in and around the T and especially here in Andrew Square. This has ranged from

This has all occurred within the past few months and captures a narrow snapshot of the everyday reality here.

The Andrew Station T is extremely unsafe and is being observed/perceived as such by our community. Describing the Andrew Station T as a “no-go zone,” especially during certain times of day, is an accurate representation of public sentiment. Many people in our neighborhood have simply stopped using the T.

This is especially concerning considering the PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Planning Initiative, which presumes heavy if not exclusive use of the T. As you know, developments along this corridor benefit from specialized BPDA code requirements significantly decreasing or eliminating parking within/around structures. With giant developments in progress or on the horizon within walking distance to the Andrew Station T, we can expect a significantly larger volume of public transportation riders in this area. The fact that the Andrew Station T is so unsafe undermines all assumptions for transportation in the plan. This cannot be tolerated.

To begin the dialogue, we would like a response to the following:

1. What cameras/call buttons/opportunities to contact the police and MBTA personnel are available at the Andrew Station T?

The MBTA encourages our riders to report any incidents that they may see. Please call the customer support line at 617-222-3200 or send in an electronic comment via If the incident should demand the attention of the Transit Police, then we encourage riders to download the See Say application, which is available for iPhone and Android users, to report incidents to the Transit Police.

2. Are all of the abovementioned communication/security devices in operating order? Please confirm yes or no, and if no, please provide the location of all non-operational devices along with a plan and date for resolution.

All cameras and call buttons are operational to our knowledge.

3. Is someone at the MBTA actively monitoring camera content at all times the T is in operation?

Yes, Transit Police monitors the public safety cameras 24/7 to ensure safety for our riders.

4. When can we expect MBTA Police Officers to be on site at the Andrew Station T? Could you submit a schedule and number of units/officers?

Transit Police dedicates substantial resources to Andrew T Station based on a comprehensive analysis of reported crimes, Boston Public School dismissal times and other intelligence that we gather from our law enforcement matters. As a matter of operational sensitivity, we do not release the schedule, times and number of officers located at any station for security reasons.

5. Where will MBTA Police Officers be posted? Will any officers be patrolling the platform?

The officers will conduct directed patrols at which they would check the entire station that includes platforms. Furthermore, Transit Police utilize a variety of strategies to ensure public safety. One of the strategies Transit Police utilizes is predictive policing which is the utilization of various data that can guide the deployment of officers and identify areas where crime is more likely to occur.

Given the limited resources of the department and the vast jurisdiction of transit police, it is difficult for TPD to be located at every station for patrol throughout the service day. However, given the unique proximity of Andrew station to TPD headquarters, the community can expect a rapid response in case of emergency.

6. There is a crowd control issue with rowdy passengers taking the bus and train during certain hours, can the MBTA respond with a plan for providing a safe, accessible, and clear path for all riders to enter Andrew Station?

Can you please provide further clarification on this issue? We will need more details including dates and times to better answer this question. The MBTA is happy to provide follow up to this question and would like to gain a better understanding.

7. Lastly, how do you plan to improve upon the enforcement of the law in and around the T? What type of crimes would trigger an arrest?

The Transit Police are ardent practitioners of Community Policing standards that are set forth by the community. We work closely with our local police partners to ensure safety.

Thank you for your priority and attention to these matters. We would like to emphasize our support and partnership in resolving these issues with you.


Lydia Hamilton Polaski, ASCA Liaison to the MBTA

South Boston Elected Officials
Linda Zablocki, ASCA President
Pattie McCormick, ASCA Vice-President

Senator Nick Collins and Rep. David Biele release a statement voicing their concerns about the MBTA bus route changes.

Trash & Rodent Control

Take Pride in your neighborhood!

We need everyone to assist with the trash and rodent situation in Andrew Square!!

Grab five minutes before you put out the trash each week to sweep/pick-up any litter on the sidewalk and gutter.

As ASCA president, Linda Zablocki says: “Less waste – less waist!” she continues with…

“ If we could all bend and pick up a piece (or more) of litter a day, what an impact we could make in OUR city and our Corona (not the virus) waists”.

Please use '311' to report all non-emergency concerns

Boston is #1 in the entire country in rat sighting reports!

South Boston - Trash & Waste Disposal Concerns

Links below to articles from 'NewsBreak' , our friends at 'Caught In Southie' and the City of Boston '311' site to report concerns.

Boston has the most rats in New England !!!

Click button to play video.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission

BWSC - New Boston Main Interceptor (NBMI) - Project

BWSC - The New Boston Main Interceptor (NBMI) - Project Update Dec - Jan:
If you would like more information about BWSC and its programs, please visit For information specific to the New Boston Main Interceptor, please visit
If you have any questions, concerns, or special needs regarding this work please contact the field office at 617-865-9299. You may also email us at If an issue arises during non-working hours, please contact the BWSC 24-hour telephone number at 617-989-7000.

BWSC - South Boston Sewer Separation Project

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) South Boston Sewer Separation Project Dec. 1- 31 Update: Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s (the Commission) South Boston Sewer Separation Project involves separating the combined sewer system in South Boston. The purpose of this project is to reduce pollution levels in Boston Harbor by substantially decreasing the number and volume of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) into Fort Point Channel and Boston Harbor. The separation project is being undertaken by the Commission in association with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA).Contact us at: Project Field Office Voicemail: 617-865-9299 (daytime) or 617-989-7900 (24/7 emergency) Email:

If you have any questions, concerns, or special needs regarding this work, please contact the field office at 617-865-9299. You may also email us at If an issue arises during non-working hours, please contact the BWSC 24-hour telephone number at 617-989-7000.

ASCA October 23, 2023 Meeting Recap


BWSC SBSSP Project Update Presentation

EVERSOURCE October Presentation Update

ASCA Community Meetings

Past ASCA Community Meetings

ASCA June Community Meeting


Police Report: After Sgt. Fitton reported incidents from this month - police, members, and Council
President Flynn, discussed the uptick in homeless and drug use in the neighborhood stemming from Mass & Cass. This activity lends to crime, including break-ins. We need more resources for Andrew Square to deal with this issue, including outreach to homeless – with ultimately long-term programs for substance use and mental health. ASCA remains steadfast in our efforts to have a safe and healthy Andrew Square. We welcome assistance from our elected officials, police, city and state agencies, and public partnerships to attain this goal.
In addition to the above discussion, there was an alarming incident brought to Captain Boyle’s attentionregarding a very large group of young people harassing store employee and customers at 7eleven on Thursday, 6/22 at 5:30 p.m.MBTA Update: Lydia Polaski, our ASCA Liaison to the MBTA, updated members on the recent tour of Andrew Station. MBTA staff, along with Ashley Armand – Deputy Director of Community Engagement were in attendance at the ASCA meeting. While we appreciate the action items taken after the tour, there is much work to be done including repairs to the netting and removal of dead birds. We also need to firm up policies associated with homeless activity in the station – and will follow-up with Councilor Murphy’s office who suggested an outreach van. ASCA will continue their work in this arena until we have a safe and clean station and lobby for a new/rehabbed station. In the meantime, members are encouraged to use the MBTA’s SEE SAY APP for all maintenance and safety issues. For emergency situations please call the MBTA police at 617.222.1212. It is critical that these incidents be logged, as it may bring more funding and resources to Andrew Station.
Thank you Lydia, for taking time out of your vacation for this important update.
Eversource: Ryan Earle updated members on manhole incident that took place on Dorchester Ave (near St. Mary’s of Czestochowa), resulting in area outage and three days of repair work.
Shortly before 9:00 PM the night of the event, our crews responded to reports of an underground fire and lifted manhole, which was equipped with an energy release cover. Our crews remained on scene investigating the cause while working as quickly and safely as possible to complete repairs.
At 2:00 AM we brought in generators to restore power to the close to 200 customers who were impacted, and once repairs were made our customers experienced a short outage when their power was re-connected.
We have placed manhole monitoring sensors in this area and others throughout the city so that we can hope to gain further information and knowledge on to what may have led to this event. These sensors monitor for the following:
-             Stray voltage
-             Take IR images to detect hot spots that may be present on cables
-             Gases (Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Mercaptan, and lack of presence of Oxygen)
-             Temperature and flooding
This is in conjunction with our constant scanning for stray voltage throughout the city of Boston and surrounding communities
as well as the ongoing installation of energy release covers.
Eversource will be attending our September meeting to discuss the electrical grid and infrastructure in the Andrew Square neighborhood.On The Dot Safety Update: Michael Cahill from Core Investments briefed members on properties
around Andrew Station and Dorchester Ave. There is private security and cameras for these properties.
There have been a recent uptick in break-in on Dorchester Ave, several across the street from Core’s property. ASCA hopes we can share resources with Core/On The Dot, to keep our neighborhood safer.
BPDA IAG/Community Meetings for ON THE DOT resume on July 10 th and July 19 th at 6:00 p.m. These meetings are virtual and will be posted on
Good things coming to “the Ave” this fall as we prepare for open space and programming at Cannonball Café patio, and the lot beside it that are in the process of construction.
Washington Village Update: Matt Curtin from Samuels updated members on WV Phase I, which is moving along. Perimeter is currently being done, with trees, sidewalks, and landscape. Completion by the end of July.
Housing: 214 units, 37 are IDP (affordable), comprised of studio – one – two – and three bedrooms.
They are slated to be completed end of August with goal to start renting on September 1 st . WV will advertise The City of Boston affordable units, which will be a lottery. Information regarding the lottery will also be on our website:
Parking: 162 spaces - Retail: 20,000 sq ft (3 retailers) – in conversations with some exciting businesses and will make announcement once finalized and contracts are signed.
Open Space/Park: This space will be community open space and including programming. Park should be completed by Labor Day.
34 Vinton Street: (voting item)
Attorney Ryan Spitz, representing SKG Realty, presented the attached proposal (also listed in
development section of ASCA.NEWS)
ONS Abutters meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, May 15 th . Feedback at ONS meeting was concern with height and density. The proponent made change to height going from 45 ft to 42 ft and top floor was set back 5 ft.
Feedback at ASCA meeting was mixed. Pleased to see building rehabbed and blighted garage structure removed and units would be homeownership. Continued concerns with density, increase in bedroom count, and traffic on extremely busy street.
MEMBERSHIP VOTE RESULTS: 14 opposed and 14 supportedThe Dirty Italian: (voting item)
Owner Tayla Pessolano, is seeking a CV license to open this establishment at 144 Old Colony Ave.
Hours of operation: closed Sunday – Monday thru Friday 10 to 7 – Saturday/Sunday 10 to 4
Boston City Council Proposed Budget Cuts: (voting item)
Members voted unanimously to oppose proposed budget cuts to the 2024 City of Boston budget put forth by the Boston City Council.
Our neighborhood is a “community in crisis” with many quality of life issues and these budget cuts would further exacerbate them in our neighborhood. It is inconceivable to see cuts in the departments that provide safety and basic city services. And, how anyone can vote to cut an already paltry veterans budget is beyond comprehension. We hope the Mayor and Council can come together and put forth a budget that will continue to move Boston forward, without sacrificing the health and safety of its residents.
Summer Neighborhood Cleanups: Declan Starosky
Declan presented “prizes” to our outstanding clean-up volunteers: Grateful to Gerry Craig and Todd Westerman for their hard work and dedication!
Declan also mentioned summer clean-ups scheduled for July 11 th and August 2 nd . Folks should meet at 6:00 p.m. at the Mullen Flagpole. Cleanups last between an hour and hour and a half.
Updates/Reminders: Linda Zablocki
OLD COLONY ROTARY DESIGN: Thank you to our SB electeds officials, in particular Senator Collins and Representative Biele for addressing the Old Colony Rotary safety issues. Deputy Chief Engineer at DCR has redesigned the Rotary and it will be upgraded in July (see attached diagram). There will also be a solar blinking light at the crosswalk for pedestrians. It is our hope that this will improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. Very grateful to everyone who has made this happen, quickly!
TREES IN POLISH TRIANGE OF ANDREW SQUARE: We’re excited to identify locations to replace trees that were removed due to the Dewars Street Project at Eversourse Ellery Street Substation. Special thanks to our FIERCE GREEN ADVOCATE, ASCA member Michaela Rudis.REMINDERS:
. Please report illegal trash disposal, rodents, and all quality of life issues to 311 – and for emergencies call 911.
. ANDREW STATION/MBTA RELATED: Please report safety and maintenance issues to the MBTA’s SEE SAY APP and emergency situations, call MBTA police at 617.222.1212.
. Let’s be neighborly. Watch out for each other. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t
so call 911.
. Over the summer be sure to check website: for updates, meeting info, and events.
In-person: (GrandTen Distilling Basket) – Liana Nabbi
Virtual: (giftcards: dunkin, Cannonball Café, Esthetic Bean) – Beth Bernier

Presentations Update

See complete development proposal: Here

ASCA May Community Meeting


BPD Officer Dudley’s monthly crime report included: break-ins at 40 Ellery Street on 5/15, 566 Dorchester Ave on 5/1 (7eleven). Assault at 345 Dorchester Street on 5/23 and pedestrian hit in the crosswalk at 309 Old Colony Ave on 5/9. Captain Boyle continues to assign additional patrols to cover issues stemming from the “Mass Cass overflow”, areas of: Ellery Street, 7eleven, Tennis Courts, and Rotary storefronts.
State Police Officer Shea reported on patrols for traffic enforcement in the Rotary area. They are randomly assigned as often as possible, however there is limited staffing. ASCA thanks Representative Biele for his outreach to the state police for their support at this area due to the serious safety issues.
BPD responded to a pedestrian struck on Friday, May 19 th in the Rotary area near Columbia Road and Moakley Park crosswalk. A three-year old child was grazed by a van. While this area falls under state jurisdiction and is overseen by DCR, it is located in the city of Boston so responsibility should be shared.
ASCA and SB elected officials have worked tirelessly to address this area and the serious public safety issues. It is urgent that both city/state agencies install traffic calming measures.
Mary Karski, Councilor Flaherty’s office – Karen Zirkle, Representative Biele’s office – Anna White,ONS/Mayor’s Office – Ana Calderon, Council President Flynn’s office – Pearse Martin, Senator Collins’ office: spoke in order, representing our SB delegation and personally with their deep regret and concern for the Laliberte family due to the incident involving their child and promised to work together to bring safety changes to the area.
Anna White updated residents on “Safe Streets” program recently unveiled. It will address traffic calming measures in neighborhoods by installing speed bumps, with a goal to install 500 annually. There is a map where we can view eligibility from collection of data (accidents, etc.) at:
Security Cameras: Requires support from city council to move forward. ASCA will follow up with Councilor Baker and Council President Flynn.
Trees: Contribution letter from Eversource was sent to Parks & Rec for approval – then will go in front of the city council. Once complete, ASCA will work with Parks & Rec on tree planting. Eversource has lobbied to Parks & Rec that tree replacements should go in the Andrew Square neighborhood – and ASCAwill remind them that the area most impacted by tree loss was Boston Street – therefore they should go there.
Public Art/Fence upgrade: Eversource is exploring plan to add panels on fencing for public art and add sounds blankets to decrease noise from highway. Will share details when done.
ASCA looks forward to working with Aiden and Eversource on the public art design, along with our neighbors at Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish and Mary Ellen McCormack Task Force.BOSTON WATER & SEWER PROJECT: Irene McSweeney
Thank you to Irene, and her team, for returning to update us on the Sewer Separation Project. The Southampton Street portion has been completed and next phase will move to Preble Street. Please see attached update on the project. Contact information is provided for any issues that arise.
212 OLD COLONY AVE PROPOSAL: Dave Matteo and Dave Winnick, Cedarwood Development Original proposal has been updated to included feedback from, ASCA reps, BHA senior housing residents and administration, and feedback from abutters meeting. Plan include 8 units with parking, set back commercial space on top floor that will house Cedarwood Construction. The height is in line with the buildings on the block. ASCA is pleased they will offer the first “affordable” commercial space on ground level and will work with COB and neighborhood to fill it. Due to proximity of BHA senior housing – ASCA worked w/developers to make sure it is “buffered” with living wall, community garden, and balconies will have glass to buffer sound. Update plans can be viewed on ASCA.NEWS. After Q&A members voted to support the proposal: 24 supported and 1 opposed. Cedarwood will move forward with plans to schedule a ZBA date. Please watch website for updates.DEVELOPMENT UPDATE:
We encourage folks to get involved. You may reside a few blocks away from a proposed development plan but it will impact you. Recent proposals: 617 Dorchester Ave/20 Boston Street: We thank Councilor Baker for opposing the project, along with many abutters, ASCA leadership team, McCormack Civic Association, Cityside Association – and ask that our SB Elected officials join us as we believe this will change the trajectory of our beloved Polish Triangle. We encourage the development team make significant changes to the proposal so that it fits into the design of the neighborhood, is appropriate in scale, and honors the history of the Polish Triangle.
34 Vinton Street: the abutters meeting on Monday, May 15 th was not very well attended however, abutter feedback is as follows: pleased to see off-street parking, upgrade and removal of blighted garage structure in back, is very concerned with height aka 4 th story. Follow-up from other abutters who were unable to make the 5:30 meeting stated the same concerns on the height. Thank you to Attorney Spitz for taking this feedback to the owner, discuss concerns with height and hope some changes will be made.
212 Old Colony Ave: plans presented at tonight’s ASCA meeting. Please follow website for
further updates. Voting results were: 24 supported – 1 opposed.
Please check out the great photos on our website, ASCA.NEWS from Love Your Block. Thank you to all who participated in this beloved annual event, especially Mary Moore and Lydia Polaski. Watch for the Jenny Zablocki’s Hydrangea flowers that have recently been transplanted from Glover Court to the planter at the flagpole. We know that Jenny will be watching over them
Declan Starosky, representing his family who head up the Beautification Committee, announced the summer clean up dates. Neighbors who would like to volunteer should meet at the flagpole at 6:00 p.m. and make sure you wear gloves. Trash bags will be available. The clean-up dates are as follows:
Tuesday, June 6 th
Tuesday, July 11 th
Wednesday, August 2nd
Our next meeting before we break for the summer is on Monday, June 26 th . Please watch websites for community meetings and events during the summer months.
Washington Village will be transforming our meeting space into a leasing office, so we will be looking for a new location for our monthly meetings starting in September. We thank Samuels for their hospitality the last few years.
Congratulations to ASCA members, winner of this month’s door prize:
IN-PERSON: Chelsea Laliberte - VIRTUAL ATTENDEE: Donna Moore
Thank you to the businesses who donated gift cards: Shybird, Dunkin, Cannonball Café, Esthetic Bean And grateful to Shybird for providing the delicious food at tonight’s meeting!Please support our local business!!!HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!! A day to remember those who have died in service to our country. Also a day to remember all of our loves ones no longer with us.

Presentations Update

See complete BWSC presentation; Here

212 Old Colony Ave Development Proposal

See complete development proposal: Here